Our alternative education programmes differ from the mainstream pedagogical approach, providing differing environments in which children and young adults and NEETS can learn varying new skills. We pride ourselves on our ability to connect with some of the hardest to reach individuals.


There are real physiological, social and academic benefits to taking learning outside, it's not called the great outdoors for nothing.

Collaboration outdoors can improve emotional, intellectual and behavoural development, learning in natural spaces supports a childs sense of self and be connected with their ecological worlds.


Our programmes are designed to give students the chance to learn in the ways that work for them, regain self-esteem and their interest in learning by appealing to their individual needs.


We teach independance, the ability to choose a task, complete it, return it to its spot for others to use, to think outside the box.


We encourage students to be innovative, imaginative, solve problems and thrive in a world where not everyone thinks the same and that is OK.


We provide a teaching environment which is unique, using an outdoor and indoor environment, our programmes are full of fun whilst learning new skills and developing personal and interpersonal skills.


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