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Inclusion Projects

Supporting young people back into mainstream education using outdoor education.



Experience    Days

Providing young people the opportunity to learn in an outdoor enviroment.



Duke of Edinburgh

As a registered provider we can deliver all of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.



Unit Award Scheme

All of our propjects can be closely linked to the AQA unit award Scheme allowing an accreditation to learning 



Our Aim


Gripadventure's primary aim is to support schools and youth organisations to engage their most vulnerable and hard to reach young people.


Our team is made up of multi-skilled staff who are able to deliver a variety of outdoor learning,adventurious experiences and reflective practice.


Bespoke, practical and experiential programs including mountaineering, biking, climbing, watersports, campcraft, gymnastics, parkour and team sports are all used to re-engage young people back into mainstream education.


These experiences are delivered to enable young people to gain quality learning in the outdoors alongside

qualifications and accreditations that can be used to reflect their personal achievement.



If you require any additional information about us please contact us via our online contact form.





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